Top 5 Budget Space Heaters in UK - Best for Large & Small Rooms

Updated: Oct 24th, 2021

Are you also disappointed by your electric bill every single time?

We live in the 21st-century, in one of the most modern countries in the world, yet it costs a fortune to stay warm

A part of the problem is spending money on heat generated from anything other than electricity.

It isn’t only ruining the environment but your economy as well!

Because 62.3% of that energy is wasted when it is converted to electricity that then has to be converted to heat energy.

But you still have to pay for that, meaning you overpay by 200%!

Read on to see the latest advancements in heaters, unless you want to save some money on your coffee budget by stepping on an ice-cold floor in the morning.

Because a new type of heater has hit the market that big energy companies are trying their best to stop as it is saving Americans THOUSANDS of dollars on their electricity bills while ALSO providing them with comfortably hot homes.

We decided to buy, review & test 2021’s most popular and efficient heaters on the market to see which ones are truly the best.

Our testing revealed that buying a heater from a big brand can actually be a waste of money as they’re already established on the market and don’t need to “fix what’s not broken”.

So it seems the winner is from a smaller company that figured out they had to re-invent the wheel to beat the competition.

And they did, in every last aspect: Safety, User control, Quick heating, Silent operation, Portability, Aesthetics, and Price.

Here’s our Top 5 Picks this year, with a full review of our top pick at the bottom of the page:

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EcoHeat S




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Why Is HeatCore Our #1 Pick of 2021?

We bought and tested them all.

The best space heater of 2021 is surprisingly won by a relatively small brand, HeatCore.

Tech, price/quality ratio and customer support all came in first.

Its strong heating power were also unmatched.

It passed every test with flying colors, including the most important one – keeping our homes warm for an affordable price.

Under our controlled testing, the HeatCore rapidly heated a cold, 12 degree room up to a warm 23 degrees in just 5 minutes.

This was no box room either, although it will be perfect for that. We ran our test in a 42m2 living room, so that level of warming was much more than we expected.

For results like that, you’d think it would be burning through the electricity at a rapid pace – but surprisingly, it was the exact opposite. HeatCore space heater is the most energy efficient space heater we tested, making it incredibly cheap to run.

With a portable heater this good, you may actually worry about rooms becoming TOO hot, but thankfully the HeatCore has multiple settings to suit any room size or temperature preference. It was so easy to get the desired temperature we felt comfortable at.

Portability is another area where HeatCore scores top marks. It’s so small you can easily place it in rooms of all sizes. It would be perfect to give to a child moving into a new apartment or dorm room, as it’s so light and easy to transport. You could also attach a mobile power bank and take it on with you.

But what shocked us most was the price – it’s incredibly affordable for something that works so well. And considering it comes with a full money-back-guarantee – HeatCore is a no brainer.

If you want a small space heater that keeps your home warm and comfortable at all times – the HeatCore is our #1 choice.

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“Not only did I save a bunch of money, but what I loved about this was you could set it up literally anywhere. It was always instant-warm. Never had to wait for the big, noisy central heating system or oil-filled radiant heater anymore!”
Austin D.

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"The best in market"

6,730 Reviews

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