A Good Lending Club for You

A lending club will give you an opportunity to access peer to peer services when you don’t need to go through banks systems to access instant loans. Traditionally, the lending clubs have been getting finances from investors with extra cash to lend out. However, these days, you will find an institutional investor or a bank funding your loan.

Lending clubs has made loan transactions easier as they are online based. As you go through other users reviews, you will get some negative reviews with a “My Instant Offer Scam” or a “My Instant Offer ripoff”. You need to be careful not to fall a victim of scammers masquerading as lenders.

Here are some qualities to look for in a genuine lending club:


Banks and other financial institutions follow guidelines that at times make the transactions complex. A lending club should be flexible to meet your needs and not make processes similar or even worse than those of banks. The offers should be within your financial capabilities while still following the set rules.

However, be cautious of lenders that are willing to extend maturity dates or lower interest rates. You should keep in mind that these institutions are open for auditing and one that breaks the rules might be a scammer. You do not want to be the one giving prospective borrowers a “My Instant Offer ripoff” review message.


It is important to monitor the lending clubs track record and their experience. A lending club that has been there for a while is likely not a scammer as it would have been exposed long ago. You might fall in the wrong hands of scammers if you opt to go for unknown and upcoming lending clubs.

A lender that has been there for years is knowledgeable enough to meet your needs. They have made all the mistakes and come up with possible solutions thus your case will be a walkover. It is advantageous to deal with companies that have passed the test of time.

Good Reputation

It is advisable to do a proper ground check before settling for a specific lending club. You do not want to give a “my instant offer scam” story to others seeking for lending club services. Always go for a service provider that is trustworthy and reliable.

The communication infrastructure fully supports the online services. Make use of all available platforms to check and test the credibility of the lending club.  Reading previous borrowers reviews act as an eye-opener as you will know what to expect of a certain lending club. Learn from others experience as yours might not be any different.

Financial Capability

You do not just need to borrow but you need a lending club that meets your financial needs. As far as you have a reputable paying history and you meet all the borrowing requirements, the lender should accommodate your loan. It is a bad sign when a lender reports of insufficient funds to meet your needs.

A good lending club for you is one that is stable and can offer you a higher amount. It is time to turn to a second option if your lending club cannot meet your needs without a struggle. You need a lender who you can bank on or call for an instant loan.


A good lending club is a financial partner to rely on when in a financial need. You may never know when a need will come knocking and banks may not be a solution at that crucial time. You definitely need a place that you can trust to get a less expensive loan and one that you can easily qualify.  A Good Lending Club is what you need as you do not want to fall in the hands of scammers while at it.

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